Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's Baby Plans Could Tear Them Apart

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Someone call an ambulance because it looks like this dude is sick with EXTREME baby fever! Apparently Andi Dorfman is being pressured to get pregnant before her wedding day by none other than her fiancé, Josh Murray.

Josh is so eager to become a father, in fact, that he's reportedly willing to impregnate Andi almost immediately, though she's trying to ward him off the best she can, you know, because I'm sure she has no intention of being a pregnant bride.


According to Hollywood Life, Josh is not being shy about the fact that he wants to start a family and fast. Andi even dished about his baby fever, saying:

Josh is baby crazy right now. There are times when I see a baby and I'm like 'Ooh, I want a baby!' He's like, 'Do not even give me permission because you know it's gonna happen!'

After Josh interjected with, 'You may see a little baby bump at the wedding," Andi continued with:

No, no... we're gonna get married first. I feel like, look, we are on step one and we are doing good so far so we are just gonna go ahead and get married first.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. I'm getting the impression that this guy doesn't understand the difference between lust and love and that bringing a child into this world is a HUGE responsibility. If Andi isn't ready, Josh needs to stop putting so much damn pressure on her, even if he's half-joking about it. Making a baby (no matter how many times you do it) is the easy part, but actually raising one is a whole different ballgame.

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Whatever his intentions are, Josh is coming off as a bit obnoxious and selfish. Both he and Andi need to make their future plans clear with each other before they tie the knot, otherwise they're pretty much setting themselves up for a lifetime of heartache and conflict. It will be a real shame if their marriage winds up being over before it even gets started.

Do you think Josh is putting too much pressure on Andi?


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