Adam Lind's Plans for His Daughter Should Make Her Mother FURIOUS!

Adam Lind Taylor Halbur

Well? If we weren't already pretty much convinced he's a total a**hole based on the claims that he abused his ex-girlfriend, would you believe that Adam Lind is supposedly planning to go for full custody of his daughter, Paislee?

Get this one: Apparently Taylor Halbur filed papers with the court because Adam has not been paying her the $550 a month in child support that he's ordered to fork over.

And not surprisingly, apparently Adam has no intention of helping Taylor out financially, which is where his crazy custody plan comes into play.


An insider told RadarOnline, "Adam is threatening to take Taylor to court to try and get full custody of Paislee just because he doesn't want to pay the child support."

Wait -- it gets worse.

The source also adds:

Adam's reasoning for this logic is that Taylor doesn't need money for Paislee's daycare, and that he can take care of Paislee himself when Taylor needs someone to watch her. He says that his gym has a program for kids, but it isn't like the type of program that Taylor has her daughter in. The gym only watches the kids and there is no structure to the gym babysitting.

Um, excuse me?!? He thinks getting full custody of his daughter will cost him less than paying her mother what he legally owes her?

OMG. Could this dude be any more insane, not to mention totally delusional and heartless?

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Sorry buddy, I know you and Taylor are no longer a thing, but you still had a child with her and -- news flash -- there are certain financial obligations that go along with being a dad

And seriously, if he's truly hashing out a plan to get full custody solely for the sake of sticking it to Taylor, then Adam is in for a very rude awakening. Something tells me he doesn't have the slightest clue about what it takes to raise a child 24/7, so in his case, $550 a month is a pretty decent trade-off.

Man. Poor Taylor. She must be ready to lose her mind right about now. And OMG, what about Chelsea Houska? She really dodged a bullet by getting this nut out of her life and settling into a relationship with someone who has his priorities straight.

Do you think Adam has any business trying for full custody?


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