Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's New Wedding Plans Leave Us Totally Confused

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Huh. Well this is kind of ... odd. Despite reports saying that getting married in front of the cameras was probably not in the cards for them, now it looks as though Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's wedding may be televised after all.

I know, I know, they're supposed to be this "normal" couple who loves living out of the spotlight in Atlanta as opposed to the glitz and glamour of LA. Why in the heck would they want to tie the knot in front of millions of TV viewers?


Well, Andi has a perfectly reasonable explanation. During Bridal Fashion Week in New York City, she said:

Josh and I talked about it a little bit and we’re not opposed to it. If everything goes well and it gets picked up for television then we are happy to do it on there. We might invite the cameras in ... it's so cool. We were talking about this the other day, like the fans saw us fall in love and we are okay with them seeing the result of our falling in love. There is something kinda cool with sharing it with everyone.

And of course, Josh threw his two cents in too:

I think it's great because a lot of our fans would love to see it. So we are very open to having it on TV because we want to do that for everyone else, too.

Oh, please. Are you really buying the idea of them wanting to get hitched on TV for the sake of pleasing their fans? Come on. It's no big secret that ABC foots the entire bill for this sort of thing, so there's no way in hell the idea of a big, fancy, FREE wedding isn't in the forefront of their minds.

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And honestly, it's not like anyone can really blame them for wanting to go the TV route. They might as well at least be honest about their motives. I mean, what engaged couple in their right mind wouldn't want to be thrown a totally lavish affair and possibly gain a little extra exposure in the process?

Duh. They'd be crazy not to go for it. But considering how hard Andi and Josh have worked to convince everyone they're not interested in fame, having a TV wedding definitely has the potential to backfire. It's probably safe to assume that a whole host of opportunities will come their way if they do marry on TV, and at that point, it will be impossible to deny that a life of recognition is pretty damn appealing to both of them.

(Come on, you two, make up your minds already.)

Are you surprised that Andi and Josh's TV wedding might be back on?


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