Chelsea Houska's Hot New Selfie Shows Exactly How She Feels About Cole DeBoer

Chelsea Houska

She's obviously undergone somewhat of a transformation over the past year, what with her dramatic weight loss, but I think we can all agree that Chelsea Houska looks hotter than EVER these days.

And while she's committed herself to a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out religiously, it's clear that something else is also having a positive effect on Chel's appearance.

Duh. She's in love. Um, ever since she started dating Cole DeBoer, she's been practically glowing in photos, and her most recent selfie is definitely no exception.


Aww! How adorbs is she with her funky hat and shiny shades?!? Usually she's partial to the beanie, but this floppier style certainly suits her too. I love how confident she looks in this pic, and OMG -- how great does her hair look?

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She's experimented with quite a few shades of red, but this darker, more dramatic hue is probably the best look we've seen on her to date.

It's obvious that Chel is feeling better about herself than she has in ages, so we can't help but be thrilled that she's finally found the happiness she deserves. (It's written all over her face, for crying out loud!)

Do you think this is the best Chelsea has ever looked?


Image via Twitter

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