Jenelle Evans Totally Goes Off the Deep End in Newly Released Video

Jenelle EvansHoly crap! In case you ever wanted to know if reality TV stars ever get sick of being filmed all the time, here's your answer. They do. Or at least Jenelle Evans does.

While on the way to a Miley Cyrus concert, the Teen Mom 2 star flipped her lid when a fast food restaurant forgot her straw. Then she basically lost her shizzle when she got pulled over for speeding. Damage to MTV property was done, you guys.


In all fairness, she was pregnant at the time, so let's not judge her too harshly.

Anyway, let's bless the execs at MTV who decided not just to give us another season of Teen Mom 2, but also to give us bonus footage like this gem, which aired on an episode dedicated to unseen moments. Our lives have been forever changed.

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In the clip, Jenelle and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith were headed to the concert when she questioned the intelligence of people who work in fast food ("It's not rocket science, dude") and then later got pulled over for speeding.

Girl done lost it. I'm just saying there were a lot of F-bombs dropped. She managed to pull it together enough to be polite to the officer, but once he gave her the ticket and walked away, she had the devastating realization that the cameras had filmed the whole thing.

Cue the screaming. "Dude, I can't f--king do this!" And then an emotional, "LEAVE ME ALONE" as she rips the camera from the dash and everything goes black. So that happened.

My absolute favorite part though is at the end when Dr. Drew asked Jenelle's costars if they've ever ripped their mics off, and Chelsea Houska responds, "I didn't know that was an option." Bless her.

Do you think Jenelle was justified in her meltdown or did she overreact?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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