'Below Deck' Finale Recap: 7 Things We STILL Can't Believe Happened!

Below Deck's finale happened and I am already in withdrawal! More, more, more, I say! Luckily, because the show's on Bravo, we're guaranteed a couple more weeks of unseen footage and a reunion (or 12, if you're a Housewife) to ease us into a Below Deck-free existence. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I've put on my crew whites to salute each cast member and pass them off a flute of parting champagne. 

The season finale itself? Not a lot to write home about -- or write here for that matter! Sure, Dean Slover returned (minus the bevy of female hotties) and Kat and Amy finally hashed out their differences, but for the most part, stuff was mellow. I mean, for the MOST part. With that in mind, I've compiled 7 things I STILL can't believe happened this season -- including a biggie from tonight's episode. 


1. Kate's "Rocket Ship" Blanket

When Kate had ENOUGH of Dean Slover (part one) and his rude 'tude, she decided to stick to her "charter guest soul-mate." She did this by leaving a "rocket ship" shaped blanket on his bed. Yep. Rocket ship. Deeeefinitely not a penis. Nope, no sirree. 

2. Ben and Kat's Guest Room Romp

Everybody knows you don't shit where you eat. But, if you are going to insist on having a workplace fling, there are worse choices than the British chef. That said, maybe don't leave so much, uh, "evidence" of your passion behind you next time, mkay? 'Cause gross. 

3. The Time the Boat Broke

Remember when the boat malfunctioned and the gang almost destroyed an entire dock? That noise was bananas! Even more bananas, the brief couple of moments where it seemed likely that a crew member was trying to actually sabotage the boat. Thankfully, while they are all insane, none of them are that insane. 

4. When Captain Lee LOST HIS MIND

Remember when the stress of all the charters totally broke Captain Lee's mind? For the most part, it was a benign sort of madness, the type that had him handing out pacifiers as WTF-worthy parting gifts to the crew members. But then there was the time he lashed out at Kelley for virtually NO REASON. Uncool, Cap'n. Leave that beefcake be. 

5. When Kelley Blew Off Jennice 

This was an annoying reveal tonight. I totally get that Kelley wants to learn how to be by himself for a little while -- that's mature and healthy, and he stated it in a really great way. But maybe if what you want is a fling, go on and make that clear from the get-go rather than literally wooing the pants off a girl you don't really plan to go the distance with. I'm just saying! 

6. Kate's Font Rant FTW

OH MY GOD I LOVE KATE SO MUCH. Her speech about every person being a certain font? DEAD ACCURATE. Also, I predicted that she would say Kat was WingDings, so basically Kate and I are the same person and also I love her. 

7. When Eddie Was All GTFO:

Ha ha ha, oh man. This is may be the BEST MOMENT of the entire series. We've all had moments when we've walked into a club, bar, or restaurant and seen someone we had noooo desire to deal with. When Eddie arrived on shore to see his former crewmate she-devil Adrienne hanging out, he pulled the ultimate "NO" move and turned tail, literally swimming away. It made my life. 

What was your favorite moment from the season?


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