'Bachelor' Chris Soules Caught Making Out With Mystery Woman (PHOTO)

Chris Soules

The show doesn't officially premiere until January, but Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor is well underway as far as filming is concerned. Fans everywhere are totally anxious to see whether he'll finally find a woman who is deserving of his love and adoration.

It's pretty hard to argue with the fact that Chris is by far one of the most gentlemanly contestants to ever be part of The Bachelorette cast. Some of us are still scratching our heads over why Andi Dorfman allowed him to slip through her fingers. (Her loss. For sure.)

But if a new Twitter photo of Chris passionately kissing a mystery woman is any indication of how his journey for love is going thus far, it's pretty safe to say that this farmer is well on his way to finding a wife.


WHOA. She's like ... straddling him right there in the middle of the crowd. Seems a little forward for what we can assume is their first date, don't you think?

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Damn. Who knew Chris had such a spontaneous side to him? If this little smooch session gives us a glimpse into what we can expect from his episodes, it looks as though we're definitely not in for any sort of snorefest.

And given what a catch Chris is, you know the claws are going to come out once the dating pool is narrowed down a bit and these chicks really have to start competing for his affection. Based on how much this gal is all over him, it looks like the ladies of The Bachelor are already pulling out all the stops to try and land their ticket back to Iowa.

Man, who else can't wait for January to hurry up and get here already?

Do you think Chris will find love on The Bachelor?


Image via Twitter

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