Leah Calvert's Alleged Hookup Comes Clean on Cheating Rumors

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Well? If you were still undecided as to whether or not you believe Leah Calvert really cheated on Jeremy Calvert with an old flame, it looks like the truth about her alleged unfaithfulness has officially emerged.

Sure, she shot down the claims last week, but what was she supposed to do, own up to the rumors like they were no big deal?

But apparently Leah is being truthful and trustworthy, as Robbie Kidd denies having an affair with her, which should put Jeremy's fears at ease once and for all.


Robbie told RadarOnline:

Nothing has happened between Leah and I. I am currently dealing with my own family issues.

Since it's highly doubtful that this dude would speak out about the scandal if he really had recently hooked up with Leah, we can probably go ahead and assume he's telling the truth. It was most likely a huge misunderstanding or a case of someone starting nasty rumors to try and kick Leah when she's down.

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Man. With everything she has going on in her life, ranging from her custody battle with Corey Simms to Ali's medical issues, it's just so hateful that anyone would try to ruin her marriage on top of everything else.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? Leah has made a few mistakes in her life, but haven't we all? Just because she cheated on Corey doesn't mean she's messing around behind Jeremy's back too. You'd think people could at least give her the benefit of the doubt and leave her alone, for crying out loud.

Hopefully hearing Robbie's admission that NOTHING happened between him and Leah will be enough for Jeremy to realize just how much she loves him and how committed she is to their marriage and their family.

Considering how crappy things have been for Leah in recent months, her future can only get brighter from here, right?

Do you believe Leah cheated on Jeremy?


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