'Are You the One' Recap: Nathan's Major Meltdown Creates a Bitter Love Triangle

are you the one nathanWe're already two episodes into the second season of Are You the One? and so far, the quest for true love and one million dollars has yet to pay off. And tonight's episode saw the formation of yet another intense love triangle in the house.

Brandon and Christina were confirmed a "No Match" during a previous Truth Booth session, but that hasn't stopped them from getting to know each other (Shanley and Chris part two?). And Nathan and Shelby, who seemed to get close before, are now starting to drift apart after Nathan's heroic "I don't need you in my life" speech. Not looking too good.


But they'll all get the chance to pair off again (with the prospect of yet another getaway date) after the challenge. And boy, did Ryan Devlin & Team cook up a Fear Factor-style Pictionary puzzle for them all. Yes, you read that correctly.

This time around, the guys had to draw pictures with their tongue (insert tongue work joke here), and the girls had to guess what they were. Seems easy enough, yeah? Except that their canvas was a beautiful choice of anchovy paste, mustard, and froyo. All right, maybe that last one wasn't too rough.

While the cast all paired off, poor Tyler was once again the odd girl out. And after intense rounds of artful tongue paintings (well, that's a sentence I never thought I'd write), Christina and John, Brandon and Alexandria, and Layton and Ashley took top prize and spent an afternoon away on a private island. It all seemed to be fine and normal, until Christina and John kissed in front of Brandon. Uh oh.

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Dude was not happy, and he was even unhappier when he found out that the rest of the cast had voted him and Alex into the Truth Booth. Thankfully, the stress was short-lived because they were a confirmed "No Match" shortly after. Three Truth Booths down, three Brandon appearances, three "No Matches." Great odds, right there.

But that's when the real drama started.

First, Christina and Brandon went to the Boom Boom Room (oh, how we've missed thee). John quickly broke that up, like a pro.

Then, Nathan confronted Shelby once again about their nonexistent relationship. She was quietly trying to let him down when Dario swooped in. And boy, was Nathan unhappy.

He quickly stormed off, ran upstairs, and plenty of tears and shouts later, declared that he wanted to leave.

Spoiler alert: he didn't. But Shelby still didn't really want to hang. Sad.

So when it came time to the third match-up ceremony, the cast finally decided to ditch the strategic approach and each just went the romantic route. Couples broke down like this: John and Christina, Curtis and Brianna, Nathan and Jessica (who was immediately upset that she wasn't paired with Layton), Brandon and Shelby (YEP.), Garland and Alex, Dario and Ashley, Alex and Jasmine, Anthony and Jenni, Layton and Ellie. Tyler, for the umpteenth time in a row, was left standing alone.

And did the new approach pay off? Sorta.

Just three matches were found, but for week three of the competition, it means it's officially time to hustle.

Do you think Shelby and Nathan are a match?


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