Jeremy & Leah Calvert's Cheating Scandal Takes a Totally Bizarre Turn

Leah Calvert, Jeremy CalvertThe drama continues over at the Calvert household! In case you missed it, Jeremy Calvert went on an epic Twitter rant last week, accusing his wife Leah Calvert of cheating on him with the same guy she cheated on her ex Corey Simms with. Then Leah said it was all just a rumor and that things were OK ... but it's getting pretty hard to believe all is well in West Virginia with this family, because now both of the Teen Mom 2 stars' moms are throwing down on Facebook.


It seems as though Leah's mom Dawn Spears thinks the whole thing was started by a rumor spread by Jeremy's dad. She posted this accusation in defense of her daughter:

She got into it with jeremy dad and he said I will show you your out of here because she didn't do what he said. So in return because Robbie went to a family funeral because his sister married into our family that was his dad's way of showing her told jeremy he seen Robbie sneak through the back door on a deer cam which was a lie. I contacted Robbie myself and he said he wasn’t even in town. So this is crazy.

Meanwhile, Jeremy's mom Tammy Calvert had this to say about her daughter-in-law:

She knows she’s caught and it over. Her own mother know what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people. when your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice, Now LIVE WITH IT!!!

Holy moly! It sounds like both these mama bears are ferociously protective of their cubs and want to believe only the best of them.

There's no way to know exactly what's going on between these two. Jeremy deleted the tweets, Leah says it's OK, but neither one is addressing it. Does anyone else smell an MTV gag order? Is it possible all of this drama was caught on tape? Or "deer cam" as the case may be?

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Regardless, there's something going on over there. Jeremy and Leah have been on the rocks for awhile, and just the fact that he'd be so eager to believe that his wife would cheat on him says buckets about the current state of their marriage. We're hoping these two crazy kids are just suffering from a major case of miscommunication and are able to get back on track.

Do you think Jeremy's and Leah's moms know the truth of what's going on?


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