'True Tori 2': 4 Bombshells That Will Be Dropped This Season (VIDEOS)

Tori SpellingThe second season of that marital trainwreck known as True Tori premieres October 21. The show promises more heartbreak, more screaming, more meltdowns, and more of just a bunch of the madness that is the marriage of Tori Spelling and her cheater hubby, Dean McDermott, and their long-suffering children. But, hey, it's good entertainment, amiright? Here are four of the jaw-dropping revelations we can expect from the show this time around.


1. Tori might be preggo.

Yes, believe it or not, after all they've been through, Tori is still sleeping with Dean. And not using condoms! Eww. Here Tori tells Dean the "good" news that she might be knocked up with little McDermott number #5:


2. Tori meets with Dean's ex, Mary Jo Eustice.

Tori and Mary Jo meet up for a tete-a-tete. Mary Jo reportedly pocketed $10,000 to meet up with the woman who tore apart her own marriage -- and she gallantly doesn't take Tori up on the opportunity to say "I told you so." Bigger woman than I am!

3. Tori moves fast.

Tori confesses to her friend that she slept with Dean the first day they met -- despite both of them being married. Erm, we would have thought they'd wait a couple of days at least!

4. Tori decides to look up Emily Goodhand.

In the preview, Tori says she decided that she wanted to see a picture of Emily Goodhand, the woman Dean says he cheated with (and the one we all suspect doesn't exist). She starts to pull a picture out of a manila envelope but then the scene stops. Will we finally get to see how hot desperate this woman must look?


Are you shocked by any of this? Do you plan to watch the show?

Image via Lifetime

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