Jeremy Calvert's New Tattoo Shows How He REALLY Feels About Leah

Jeremy Calvert and baby

Well? We may never know for sure whether the rumors about Leah Calvert cheating on Jeremy Calvert with the same dude she cheated on Corey Simms with are true, but something tells me we definitely haven't seen the last of the drama between these two.

I mean, their marriage has been pretty rocky for quite some time. Considering how quick Jeremy was to lash out at Leah on Twitter after the alleged cheating took place, it's clear that they seem to have a lack of communication going on between them.

But in what might be an effort to tell the world once and for all whether or not they're going to stand the test of time, Jeremy got a new tattoo. It seems to sum up how he feels about Leah in one simple word.


Yep. Faith. Maybe he's basically pledging to have faith in Leah and to trust her from here on out instead of automatically assuming rumors about her being unfaithful to him are true?

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When Leah responded to the claims that she'd cheated, she said there was a rumor that Jeremy believed that was actually false. Maybe Jeremy got this tattoo as a means of reminding himself to keep the faith as opposed to automatically assuming the worst.

Marriage is hard enough as it is without giving each other the benefit of the doubt. If Jeremy and Leah want to avoid running into a similar scenario in the future, they're going to have to learn to come to each other with problems instead of believing what outside sources say.

Despite the issues they've had, they really do seem to love and care for each other very much. It would be such a shame to see their relationship fall apart all because they couldn't come together to talk things out and try and work through their struggles.

(Oh come on ... let's have a little faith that Leah and Jeremy really will live happily ever after!)

What do you think Jeremy's tattoo means?


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