'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Finale Recap: Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Good Side

teresa giudice And so it was, that The Real Housewives of New Jersey ended, not with a bang, but with a whimper. That's hardly surprising, really, considering Teresa Giudice's legal woes. Frankly, to have her upturning tables or screaming like some old school Celtic Bean Sidhe would have been totally at odds with the somber Teresa we've come to know since her trial got underway. By the time tonight's episode aired, we all knew her fate. It was kind of nice, actually, to see her try and mend fences before going away for a period of time.

It's no secret that since her legal troubles became common knowledge, Teresa and Joe both have been doing everything possible to stay on the right side, not just of the law, but of public opinion as well. The twins have been churning this whole Gotti rumor for the better part of the season. 


When it became clear that they weren't going to get the drama they were looking for from Amber's household, it's no surprise at all that they came knocking on Teresa's door. Thankfully -- she disappointed them. Rather than flip a table or pop both of her eyes out of their sockets while hypnotizing everyone with her alarming (and ever encroaching) hairline, Teresa was a total grown-up, which might be the most shocking Housewives moment of the year. Rather than continue to duke it out with the twins, she was all "I will hug you and apologize for any wrongdoing."

It was nice to see Teresa play the role of grown-up, don't get me wrong. But it was also a little weird. Teresa on the show is at her best when she has no idea which way is up, when she's letting emotion get the better of her. Let Dina and her ilk play the role of emotional mediator, let Teresa be the harpy who has not the time, energy, or compunction to adhere to things like "reason." Sadly, because Bravo tacked on the news of her sentencing, there was no way they could try and make her the villain. For that I don't remotely blame them.

Did you think Teresa's apology seemed forced?


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