‘Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek: ‘Strangers’ May Show Rick Walking Into a Trap (VIDEO)

Walking Dead sneak peek Strangers

After that AMAZING premiere, who’s looking forward to Sunday’s Walking Dead? Man, I know I am. Episode 2 of season 5 is titled “Strangers,” and it was written by Robert Kirkman and directed by David Boyd (trivia: Boyd was the cinematographer on the first three episodes of HBO's Deadwood). Here’s the official AMC description: “With supplies running low and not knowing whether to trust the people around them, Rick leads a mission where the risk might not be worth the reward.”

Ready to check out the sneak peek videos and speculate about what’s going to happen? Let’s get to it, assuming you’re all caught up and not worried about spoilers.


Let’s start with the sneak peek clip, which shows Sasha and Bob getting smoochy with one another before the gang is distracted by someone’s cries for help:

Isn’t it interesting that Carl the burgeoning sociopath is the one encouraging his dad to go help the person, while Rick is like, Uhhhhhhh maybe we should pass on this one guys. If I hadn’t seen the next sneak peek, I’d suspect Rick was correct to hesitate — remember his season 4 lesson about the rabbit trap? — but based on what I’m seeing in the second video (which is really low quality for some reason), it’s Father Gabriel who’s on top of a rock surrounded by walkers and screaming for help.

Comics fans can probably guess at the possible storyline that may be revealed about Father Gabriel, but here’s a look at him in the promo clip:

Rick:  “You’re hiding something. What have you done?”
Father Gabriel: “I’m a sinner. But those sins I confessed them to God.”

I won’t tell you too much about the comics version of Father Gabriel, but let’s just say if they adhere to the original story we’re going to learn he wasn’t exactly a courageous, selfless person when the apocalypse broke out.

I’m not sure how the “Strangers” title will play into this episode. Is it referring to new people Rick’s group will meet, or Father Gabriel’s feelings about our survivors? Or maybe it’s talking about how sometimes we are strangers even to ourselves, like maybe with Father Gabriel’s behavior during the initial crisis.

On a different subject, for those who noticed the weird symbols carved into the tree which Morgan spotted at the end of the premiere, here’s what executive producer Greg Nicotero says about that:

That’s a piece of information that you will soon discover. Because of the time jump — you’ll find out in the next episode or two what the marks on the tree are, but you don’t know yet.

Ooooh. Is it something our group carved? Or Father Gabriel, or the people holding Beth, or Gareth, or …? They've said this season will be playing around with the timeline, so there's probably no way to guess quite yet. Way to pique our interest, though!

Do you think we’ll get to the Beth story in this next episode?

Image via AMC

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