Catelynn Lowell Slammed for 'Greedy' Pregnancy Behavior

Catelynn Lowell

Good grief. Can't a girl catch a break, especially when she's in her last trimester of pregnancy? All of the Teen Mom stars have been subject to crazy comments from online trolls before, but would you believe that Catelynn Lowell is being slammed on Twitter, all because she shared her baby registry information with her followers?

Yep. Apparently some people think she's "begging" for gifts, which they don't believe she has a right to do, you know, since she's a reality TV star and all.


Here are the tweets that have some folks all fired up.

Um, seriously?!? Could her words be any more innocent?

And while there are plenty of hateful comments coming her way after posting those updates, here are a couple of the more colorful examples of how badly she's being criticized.

OMG. Poor Catelynn. She was so offended by her haters, in fact, that she even felt the need to defend herself with this update:

Ugh. This is supposed to be the most joyful time in her life, and she can't even share details about her baby registry without people freaking out.

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I mean, what's the big deal? I'm sure she has friends and family that she keeps in touch with on Twitter. Is there really any harm in her letting them know how to send gifts to her if they choose to do so?

Gah. Catelynn has never come off as greedy, so these attacks are just so unjustified. It's obvious that she and Tyler are beyond excited about starting a family together, and it's just so sad that some people can't keep their mouths shut and allow them to be happy. I wonder how they'd feel if the tables were turned? (Karma's a bitch.)

Do you think Catelynn is greedy for sharing her baby registry?


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