Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's Relationship Takes an Unfortunate Turn

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Well, well, well ... this little rumor sure doesn't come as a huge surprise if it's true. While they're certainly doing everything they can to make us believe their relationship is perfect, Celeb Dirty Laundry claims that Josh Murray's family hates Andi Dorfman, which could definitely pose a problem as their wedding date approaches.

Apparently things were all hunky-dory between Andi and the Murrays, that is until the "After the Final Rose" special aired. It was revealed that Andi slept with Nick Viall in the fantasy suite like five seconds before Josh got down on one knee and proposed.


But while they're supposedly disgusted with Andi's behavior, sources say the Murrays are more concerned that Josh didn't seem bothered by it, even though he was pretty much humiliated by his fiancée on national television.

Wait. It gets better.

At some point, Josh reportedly wised up to the situation. He started getting annoyed with Andi for "forcing him to do events" and giving up her career without bothering to run it by him first. And apparently Josh complained to his parents about her, which made them loathe her even more -- but then he had a change of heart and now he's happy with Andi again even though they clearly can't stand her.

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Things are so bad between his family and Andi, in fact, that they've supposedly threatened to cut off all contact with Josh if he winds up marrying her. (Seriously?)

Again, this could all be nothing more than yet another crazy rumor. For all we know, maybe Josh's family thinks the sun rises and sets with Andi Dorfman. But ...

Oh come on. If you found out that your son's wife-to-be had been intimate with another dude right before getting engaged to your son, wouldn't you find it a bit hard to welcome her into the fam with open arms? (Yeah. That's what I thought.)

I know we should probably give Andi and Josh the benefit of the doubt and assume they'll wind up living happily ever after. But as more rumors keep popping up about the two of them heading toward a breakup, it's probably only a matter of time before they inevitably call it quits.

Do you think Josh's family has a reason to hate Andi?


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