Allison Williams Officially Wins Us Over As Peter Pan!

Allison Williams as Peter PanShe can fly, she can fly, she can fly! NBC released a new poster for Peter Pan starring Allison Williams. While I'm still on the fence about Christopher Walken as Captain Hook (though I'm pretty impressed with his eyeliner in the poster), I'm actually really excited about Allison taking on the boy who never grows up, Peter Pan!

I know a few eyebrows were raised when Allison was first announced she had landed the part over the summer. It's a big departure from Marnie on Girls.


But this poster gives me the chills. Allison nails that childlike wonder we expect from Peter Pan. She also looks beautiful. I know she's playing a boy so that kinda defeats the point -- but she's glowing and looks so happy. Her passion for the role is what will make it shine.

And that's why I love this role for Allison. Marnie is one of those characters that could be so easy for Allison to get pigeonholed into playing for the rest of her life. And while I love Marnie, there are only so many times she can make cringe-worthy mistakes in her love life and so many things she can whine and cry about.

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Peter Pan lets Allison show off her singing voice (something we only got a taste of in a semi-snarky way on Girls) and her range as an actress and lets her take on a completely new style. No way that Marnie would ever be caught wearing head-to-toe green AND cut her hair so short! It's empowering that Allison is willing to go there and I personally can't wait to tune in.

Peter Pan airs on NBC on Thursday night, December 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

What do you think of Allison playing Peter Pan? Does this new poster get you excited?

Image via NBC

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