Jenelle Evans Accused of Putting Baby Kaiser in Harm's Way AGAIN (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

No matter how hard she tries to show the world that she's a good mom, some folks just can't resist trying to prove otherwise. Just last week, apparently CPS was called after some fans accused Jenelle Evans of giving baby Kaiser a black eye.

Of course, the claims were totally unjustified, and he's perfectly safe, sound, and unharmed.

And considering she's visiting Disney World this week with her family, I'm sure Jenelle was happy to have all of the CPS drama behind her.

Well, until a couple days ago, that is.


Some "fans" are now accusing Jenelle of forgetting to put sunscreen on Kaiser, leading to what supposedly looks like a sunburn on his tiny little arm.

Here's the pic that seems to have everyone all fired up.

As you can imagine, Jenelle is more than enraged over the idea of her taking her baby boy out in the hot sun without any sort of protection from harmful UV rays. She fired back with this blatantly irate tweet.

Damn. You tell 'em, honey.

Ugh. I know she's made more than her fair share of mistakes, but seriously, do you really think Jenelle would take Kaiser out in the sun without lubing him up with sunscreen first? And on top of that, would she really post pictures of him to her social media accounts if he appeared to be as red as a lobster?

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Sigh. In practically every photo of Kaiser we've seen, he looks nothing other than perfectly happy and healthy. For now, can't we give Jenelle the benefit of the doubt and assume she's doing everything in her power to make sure her baby is well taken care of?

And as far as the photo above is concerned, the discoloration on his arm could definitely be a shadow or simply a result of the lights from the Halloween party shining down on him. (One of those two scenarios is my guess.)

Gah. Can't a gal enjoy a decent vacation without people assuming she's abusing her baby?!?

Do you think Kaiser looks sunburned?


Image via Twitter

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