'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Recap: Kailyn Lowry Admits to Major Marriage Troubles

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In the second part of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special, we finally had the chance to see Dr. Drew's sit-down with Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, and their respective families (yes, that means Barbara). And we quickly learned that nothing is as pretty and nice as it seems on screen.

In a surprising reveal, Kailyn announced for the first time ever that she left her son, Lincoln, with her alcoholic mother. When she returned to pick him up later, her mom was drunk, Lincoln's diaper was on backward, and he had been fed formula, whole milk, yogurt, and a banana. And the worst part is Javi Marroquin had no idea.


And boy, was he unhappy to hear the news.

The poor guy was literally shaking while sitting next to his wife. And, if you can believe it, he revealed that it's actually worse.

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Not only did she keep this huge secret from him, but the marriage is already struggling. Javi is stressed out and has begged Kailyn for help. On top of that, they rarely spend any time together, and especially after the revelation about her mom, he's even more hesitant to leave Lincoln alone with a sitter.

All signs point to "no date night."

But when Jo and Vee join them in the hot seat, we realized that both sets of Isaac's parents weren't doing too hot. Turns out, Jo "needed his space" so Vee has moved out of their shared apartment. Uh ohs.

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Finally, Dr. Drew's last sit-down was with Jenelle, Nathan, and Barbara (all hail the queen). And, in the biggest transformation we've ever seen on MTV, Jenelle has finally reached a good point. She's stable, healthy, sober, and going to school.

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Nathan is still vying for custody of Jace and wants to be a father figure in his life. Babs, on the other hand, is hesitant to let her "little buddy" go. Even Dr. Drew agrees. The transition of custody should be a slow process, but it will happen.

Not without some tears from Barbara, though, who doesn't want Jace to feel like she's "giving him away." But as much as they all may disagree (especially on Jace calling Barbara "Mom"), it seems like they can all come to one solid agreement: Jace should and will eventually live with Jenelle. It'll all just take some time.

Do you think it was right for Kailyn to keep the secret from Javi?


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