Andi Dorfman's Wedding Priorities May Be in the Wrong Place

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray

Uh oh, could she be going from Bachelorette to a Bridezilla? Andi Dorfman’s priorities for her wedding sure seem to be in the wrong place as she supposedly wants every detail of her big day to “revolve around her dress.”

Um, whatever happened to having a wedding revolve around true love?!


The Georgia beauty told People that she and fiance Josh Murray are taking baby steps in planning their wedding, which is expected to happen sometime next spring. She says she's currently shopping for the perfect dress, which will take center stage at their wedding. She said:

The dress is kind of our first step. As a woman, I am just going to go ahead and say everything revolves around the dress. So, we will pick the theme, we will pick the venue, and we will pick the place based on the dress, I think.

While I’m sure that Dorfman is super excited about becoming a bride, and no one blames her for wanting to look amazing on her big day, this just rubs me the wrong way. In fact, this is why I didn’t have a big wedding in the first place and opted for a civil ceremony instead because I didn’t want to focus on an expensive party that was only going to last a few hours with hundreds of people I couldn't really care less about at the end of the day. Instead, I wanted to put all that wedding money into my marriage and plan my future with my husband, which is what we ended up doing.

To each her own, but Murray also chipped in that Dorfman already wants a second ring. He said:

She wants more bands for this rock right here. That’s what she is looking forward to.

Nothing wrong with bling, but I would sure as heck hope that Dorfman realizes that love, trust, and mutual respect are far more important. I’m rooting for them, and let's face it, the dress is a big deal -- just not the biggest. I truly hope her comments were those of an excited bride who is getting married for the right reasons ... and just forgot to mention them.

Do you think Andi’s wedding priorities are in the wrong place?

Image via Andi Dorfman/Instagram

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