Tori Spelling's Confrontation With Dean McDermott's Ex Was Worse Than We Thought (VIDEO)

Tori SpellingThe second season of True Tori is almost upon us, and it's time for us to reflect on the cultural ramifications whether the damn thing is fake or not. I've always been in the "it's not fake" camp, primarily because I think Tori and Dean can't act their way out of a paper bag and there's no way they would have been able to stage such gut-wrenching scenes. But am I totally off base? Is the whole thing plotted, scripted, and cast just like any old sitcom?

I ask this because it appears that when Dean's ex, Mary Jo Eustice, appeared on the show to have an honest tete-a-tete with Tori, it wasn't like they would have normally hung out or anything. Mary Jo was reportedly paid quite a bit of cash to appear -- and she even got script approval!


RadarOnline reports that it was Tori's idea to have Mary Jo appear on the show, that she thought if a scene showing her and the woman whose marriage she destroyed were being nice to each other, and Tori was being sympathetic to her, it would burnish her image and help her move on from the title of homewrecker.

But Mary Jo, not surprisingly, wasn't that keen to appear, thinking that the producers would make her look like a villainous ex-wife. A source told the gossip site:

Mary Jo was first approached by Dean at Tori's demand to see if there was any interest in coming on the show. Producers needed a new storyline for this season, and Mary Jo’s name came up.

Storyline?? Ugh. Yes, yes, I know it's all fake. I know it's all just a show. Why do I persist on fooling myself into thinking all of this really happened?? (Here I smack my forehead.)

Anyway, Mary Jo was reluctant to appear, so the producers agreed to pay her a whopping $10,000 (not bad for probably a couple of hours' work) and that she would be guaranteed to be shown in a good light.

Even weirder is that Dean obviously knew all about it and approved this plot development -- one that would allow his ex and his present spouse to trash talk him in front of cameras.

So is there REALLY an Emily Goodhand? Did Dean EVER cheat? Gah, so maddeningly confusing. Is there nothing Tori and Dean won't put on camera??

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Stay tuned for more developments because I'm getting the feeling if Tori can get a hold of her father's ghost and stick him in front of a camera lens, she'll do it. (And that would be worth watching!)

True Tori - Preview Season 2 by IdolxMuzic

Does this convince you the show is fake?

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