'Below Deck' Recap: Ben Freaks at the Right Person -- For Once!

below deck

This week, the real drama took place BELOW DECK. This is a pun I have made about the name of the show and the actions that took place upon it. The crew is burned out. Burned, I say! I don't blame them. If I had to cater to rich douche-canoes 24/7 with no stable hope of compensation, I'd have lost my damn mind easily eight million charters ago. While the guests this week were appropriately appalling (never go on a cruise wearing matching tees and bitching about Wi-Fi, we all learned something), it was the staff who really lost it, and none more so than Ben.

Sure, the client made some annoying demands. But that's what the mega-rich and ridiculous do -- especially when they've signed on to participate in the filming of a reality show about luxury yachts being chartered by the insanely wealthy and just generally insane. 


You can't fault a dog for peeing on the floor and you can't fault a reality richie for flicking caviar off of their crackers and crinkling their noses. Ben had only himself to blame. 

And that's exactly what he did. The primary charter guest (who, actually, in the grand scheme of the season, was not the worst dude on the show) made it really clear that he liked insanely fancy food and that his girlfriend dug only the simplest of dishes. He said this. To Ben. Directly. A million times. I don't blame him for being totally flummoxed when his girlfriend was left with nothing to nosh on and docking the crew's overall tip because Ben couldn't listen to instructions. 

Ben totally lost it hearing this news. He went slightly bananas in his kitchen, screaming and making a general mess. You know what? Let him! He had every right to lose it with frustration and annoyance at himself. Since he traditionally misdirects this rage, it was kind of awesome to see Ben's temper kick off at the only person who really deserved to be the butt of it: himself. 

What do you think will happen with the return of Dean Slover next week?


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