'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jill Duggar Wants HOW Many Kids?!

jill duggar and derick dillard

We're one walloping episode away from Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's big wedding day, and I think at this point, I might be more excited about the events about to transpire than either the bride or the groom.* On tonight's episode Jill's family took over an auction in the hopes of outfitting the temporary (GIANT CASTLE OF A) house where the soon-to-be-newlyweds will start their lives together. There is no amount of hand-holding in the world that will prepare them for what comes next.

But neither Jill nor Derick seems fazed by what the future holds. In fact, when Jim Bob made a joke about getting a call to learn that Jill is expecting (which, like, dad, don't talk to me about conceiving a child in the room where we are all standing, cool?), she and Derick both laughed about it with ease. Then, in a private moment with the camera, Jill merrily chirped about being glad that they've got a huge house because that means a huge number of kids. YEAH, BUT HOW MANY, DUDE?! 


While Jill was coy and didn't list a number, she and Derick made it pretty clear that they don't plan on just having one or two. If Derick had any doubts that he wanted to go full-Duggar in regards to offspring, I think they were wiped away when he saw just how easy moving was when you have nearly 20 unpaid employees at your disposal, and if they slack off, all you have to do is tattle to their dad to get things back up to speed. 

It's not surprising that Jill and Derick plan on having oodles of kids, but I was surprised to hear her speak so candidly to cameras about her plans! Normally the family members play it very close to the vest; it was a strange (but not unpleasant) change from the norm. Let the next wave of Duggars emerge. But first, the wedding! 

What kind of craziness are you expecting from the wedding?


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*I fully acknowledge that this is sad and am working, e'en as we speak, on getting a life. 

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