Adam Lind's Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Using Drugs and Physically Abusing Her

Adam LindOh my gosh. We’ve known that Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend Adam Lind is all sorts of awful -- the kind of guy who racks up countless arrests, and it’s hard to keep track of when he’s in or out of prison for various charges.

But could the Teen Mom 2 resident bad boy’s awfulness extend past the point of pure selfishness and include drug use and domestic abuse? Lind’s ex-girlfriend has made some pretty serious claims about him, and if they’re true, he’s way worse than we even thought.


Jessica Nicole (the girl he allegedly dated after Taylor Halbur, but before the rumored live-in girlfriend Brooke Beaton, who he’s been with for “weeks” now) has posted some potentially damning photos of him, and claimed over social media that Adam not only used illegal steroids, but got physically violent with her as well.

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Jess posted a disturbing photo composite on Instagram on Monday, clearly with the intention of telling us about her grievances toward her ex-boyfriend. Of course, there's no real proof of anything here, and if the claims are true, I hope she's taken steps to protect herself.

In one of the pics, Adam looks to be injecting himself with a hypodermic needle. In another, is two bottles of anabolic steroids -- Systanon 250 and Tren Ace 100 -- although Adam is not pictured with them. This jilted lady claims the other two pictures are her bright red arms, after Adam allegedly got physically abuse with her.

"Happy Monday Adam! Enjoy! Karma is really a bitch..." she wrote.

In the comments, Jessica came back to explain the arms ... "Those are my arms after Adam thought it was cool to put his hands on me," she wrote. "He threatened me with saying he would tell people I was a porn star, or he caught me stripping in Omaha," she continued. "He's threatened to make up a whole bunch of stuff about me now!"

Oh my. These are some very serious accusations, and not even Adam Lind deserves them if they're not true.

But if they are ... Chelsea has one more reason to fight to keep 5-year-old Aubree from unsupervised visitation with her dad.

Are you surprised that Jessica Nicole has taken to social media to accuse Adam of using drugs and domestic violence?


Image via Adam Lind/Instagram

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