'Are You the One?' Recap: Christina's Truth Booth Reveal Shakes Up the House

are you the one? mtv season two

The second season of Are You the One? has already proven to be leaps and bounds ahead of the premiere. And why? Because for whatever reason, the cast can't seem to figure out the game. Like, at all.

After last week's sad match-up ceremony, the players were all adamant that they'd do better on the second try. And so with that in mind, they embarked on their second challenge. As Ryan Devlin announced, the ladies would be sitting by and sipping cocktails while the gentlemen had to guess which ladies spoke which quotes. And the results? Sad.


With the top answers, Curtis, Alex, and Brandon won the challenge and took Briana, Jasmine, and Christina, respectively, on an adrenaline junkie's finest dream. The three couples got to zip-line on the world's highest and longest zip-line. How 'bout that?

Immediately after the activity, the couples went their separate ways. While Alex and Jasmine realized that they had two completely different goals in life and weren't a match, Curtis and Briana got much more serious. During the date, Briana even admitted that she had previously miscarried, which ultimately brought them even closer together.

And while Brandon and Christina were off gallivanting during their one-on-one time, the rest of the house decided that they would later go into the Truth Booth to test their relationship, with one big catch.

Remember when Ryan announced that as the eleventh girl, Christina would essentially knock another girl out of the competition and away from the money? Well, if Christina were matched up with any guy in the Truth Booth, the other girl would automatically go home. Just like that.

And with that information, Brandon and Christina set off into the Truth Booth. Were they a match?

That's one, big, fat "NO"!

But pay no mind to what the computer determined. "I don't care what it says," said Brandon, who vowed that Christina was really his true match.


So what does it mean for the house? Well, Christina is still in the running, albeit heartbroken, but finally has been accepted by the rest of the girls. The old "haterade" has passed and girl power has been restored. Praise.

And when it came down to the match-up ceremony, the rest of the group paired up like this: Jessica and Layton, Shelby and Dario, Paris and Pratt, Jasmine and Garland, Ashley and John, Tyler and Brandon, Ellie and Alex, Alex and Anthony, Jenni and Nathan, and Briana and Curtis.

But then, hold up, Christina shook things up once again. As the bonus lady, she got to choose any of the guys. Then the guy would decide whether he wanted to switch his match to Christina or go with the original woman who chose him.

So when Christina chose Alex, he dumped Ellie, and Christina was once again back in the fold.

But sadly, it didn't get them any further. Two matches once again. And with only eight more chances to find all ten pairs, it's time to hustle.

Do you think Christina and Brandon should be together?


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