Jenelle Evans Gets an Award That Shocks Absolutely Everyone

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I have to admit, I’ve always rooted for Jenelle Evans. Even with all the reasons she’s given us to, well, give up on her, I’ve always believed she had it within to get her act together and be a good mom to her two sons Jace and Kaiser.

Yes, Jenelle has questionable judgment when it comes to dating (and quickie marriages), drugs, and the jaw-dropping things she says to her mom on camera. But, since Kaiser was born in June, it looks like things are going well with boyfriend/baby daddy Nathan AND she enrolled in a Medical Clinical Assistant Program. Jenelle just posted a pic on Twitter showing off that she’s doing so well in her classes that she made the Director of Education’s List” for having a 3.50 or higher GPA.


So, how does the Twittervese respond to Jenelle’s great news? With lots and lots of hate and disbelief that this may not even be a “real” school. Jenelle immediately tweeted: “I post an award I get from my accomplishments at school so far and haters claim I got the award cuz the school is a "joke" ?! Rigggght...”

Which she followed up with, “If I can go to school with everything I've been through and having two children, u can too!"

And ...

“Don't let anything hold u back. I've proved that to all of u! U can do it if u put yr mind to it !!!!”

Good for you, Jenelle! And may I ask -- where are her supporters? I totally get that Jenelle has screwed up so many times that it’s hard to take her seriously. But actions speak way louder than words, and this award is solid proof that she is really trying hard and perhaps has finally taken the right steps to keep her life together.

Getting above a 3.50 GPA at any type of school couldn’t have been an easy feat -- especially with all that Jenelle has on her plate right now. Plus, it’s a pretty good indicator that if she’s able to focus and do so well, she must be staying clean and sober. From what we’ve seen on Teen Mom 2, when Jenelle is off the wagon, everything in her life falls apart. So, to me, this is great news that she’s on the right path and I hope she stays on it!

Do you think Jenelle is really starting to clean up her act?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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