Of Course Adam Lind's New Girlfriend Has a Criminal Record

Adam LindHow in the world was Chelsea Houska ever in love with Adam Lind? Ever since he knocked her up in high school, this guy has been nothing but a thorn in her side. She may finally be over him (finally!), but since they share a child, she unfortunately can't completely kick him to th curb.

She can, however, limit his access to Aubree and request supervised visitation only to make sure she's as safe as possible. Adam has put Aubs at risk more than once, from driving with a revoked license with her in the car, to riding a dirt bike with her without putting a helmet on her precious noggin.

Especially since Adam Lind's new girlfriend has a criminal record too. Really, they seem perfect for each other just given that fact alone.


A source from the Sioux Falls Police Department has reported that Adam's live-in girlfriend Brooke Beaton has been arrested, not once, not twice, but three times for embezzlement.

She was apparently charged in 2008 for taking $637 from hr then-employer. Then in 2009, for cashing checks to herself from her employer to the tune of $3,800. The reports state she was arrested again in 2009 for similar embezzlement charges.

But wait! There's more! According to the source, Ms. Beaton was also arrested in 2010, when she was just a passenger in a car that got pulled over. She was allegedly charged with giving a false name, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Also, she was apparently ticketed around that time for driving without insurance, and was a no-show to court in January 2011.

Sounds like a lawless match made in Heaven for Adam Lind! The source says that the two lovebirds have been living together for weeks, but I predict weeks more (at least!) of this endless love.

Hopefully Chelsea can get copies of everything so that Aubs doesn't have to spend unsupervised time around her train wreck of a dad or his apparent live-in girlfriend.

Are you shocked to learn that Adam Lind has gotten himself involved with a girl like this?


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