Maci Bookout's Spending Habits Mean Her Priorities Are All Wrong

Maci Bookout

This Teen Mom is obviously rollin' in dough these days ... but for how long?!?! Maci Bookout might have her priorities all wrong with her new spending habits. The reality television star just shelled out loads of cash on a brand new Jeep and fans are wondering: can she afford it?

With her well-documented money woes in the past, you can't help but feel like she might be spending her money on the wrong things these days.


Maci made the huge announcement about her new Jeep last week and even gave her new wheels a quirky nickname, too: 


And while there's nothing wrong with splurging on yourself once in awhile (we all do that, right??), let's not forget here that Maci is a star on a reality television show that might not last forever. She's not going to be a Teen Mom 10 years from now, and as we all know, those MTV checks can dry out fast.

I mean, just look at Kate Gosselin. She was at the top of her game for the longest time, and now she's having a hard time making ends meet because she would rather continue being a television celebrity than get a regular, stable job. Maci doesn't want to go in that direction. Plus, she owed $78,000 in back taxes earlier this year! Girlfriend should be getting her finances in order before spending money on cars.

If Maci was spending money like this while maintaining a stable job, then that would be great, but she's spending money that might easily not be there tomorrow. If I were her, I'd save every penny and invest in her future. Fame -- just like cars -- comes and goes way too fast.

Do you think Maci is spending her money on the wrong things?

Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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