Tori Spelling Invites Dean McDermott's Ex-Wife to Say 'I Told You So' (VIDEO)

Tori SpellingThe second season of True Tori is gearing up to be as emotionally raw and dramatic as the first one was. You wouldn't think that Tori Spelling could milk much more material out of what was, supposedly, just a one night stand -- but Tori's last name isn't Spelling for nothing. I think she could get an entire Dynasty-like long-running series out of this, given her way. For instance, Tori manages to pull in an old cast member person from the past for an emotionally-charged meet-up. And that that person is no other than Mary Jo Eustice, Dean McDermott's ex-wife!


Since Dean was caught cheating, Tori has taken a lot of "karma" type flack, since it was Tori who broke up Dean and Mary Jo's marriage. Last season, Tori basically ignored that whole angle on things, but this season she appears to be embracing it, even calling in Mary Jo to tell her, "I told you so."

Take a look:

True Tori - Preview Season 2 by IdolxMuzic

Wow, pretty heavy, stuff? And how Mary Jo gives Tori a love letter from Dean to remind Tori of how tight their family was before Tori broke it up? ("Sounds familiar," Tori says, wryly.)

And how Tori and Mary Jo seem WAY too cool for Dean and you just wish the two of them would get single, get their own show, and go off and try to find some good guys? (Who are we kidding, this is Los Angeles. Not gonna happen.)

Honestly, I just love this sit down. It's so rare you see two women who once scrapped for the same man sitting down calmly, looking each other in the eye, and saying, "Yeah, weren't we stupid."

And kudos to Tori for not only acknowledging the elephant in the room but having lunch with it. You have to say this for Tori, the woman is willing to do ANYTHING on camera.

Dean sure comes off sounding like a complete putz in this clip --  but on the other hand, somewhere behind the scenes, Dean gave permission for this to happen. I mean, he's still on the show, nor has he divorced Tori yet. He probably sat there and watched this scene in the editing room and was like, "Yeah, I suck."

I don't know. It's all so pat it makes me wonder if this whole thing is fake, but the emotions certainly seem real.

Gotta love how Tori admits her dad cut her out of the will. LOL! Poor Tori.

Will you watch the second season?


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