Catelynn Lowell Reveals She Has Unrealistic Expectations About Motherhood

Catelynn Lowell

We are absolutely thrilled for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who are expecting their second daughter together. These Teen Mom stars made the crazy hard decision to give their firstborn, Carly, to adoption when they got pregnant at 16. They stuck through it together, and it made them stronger than ever.

After a decade together, the now-22-year-olds are pregnant with their second child, another daughter. Squee! But no one is more excited for this little bundle to arrive than they are, as evidenced by the plethora of ooey-gooey social media posts they've made in anticipation of their baby's arrival. But does Catelynn Lowell have unrealistic expectations about being a mom?


The reality star tweeted this sweetness on Thursday and got us all choked up:

Our turn now. Oh my gosh, doesn't that make you just brim with happiness, thinking about how over-the-moon they must be knowing that they won't have to say goodbye to their daughter in the delivery room like they did on their heartbreaking episode of 16 and Pregnant?

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But Catelynn does need to be careful to keep her expectations in check ... after five years of romanticizing motherhood as she's watched Carly grow through their open adoption, the realities of parenthood may hit her like a ton of bricks. Middle of the night crying, blowout diapers, sore nipples from breastfeeding, or the expense and guilt of formula ... parenting a newborn isn't exactly all rainbows and lollipops.

On the other hand, after missing all of that with Carly, it's entirely possible that Ty and Catelynn will view all those things as "perfect" too. I bet nothing can make a person appreciate wiping a baby butt at 3 a.m. like remembering the child they didn't get to do that with for whatever reason.

That being said, hopefully Catelynn knows it's OK to stress out sometimes. Babies are hard, man.

Do you think Catelynn knows what she's getting into?


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