5 Reasons 'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Is Totally Ready ​for Baby No. 2

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Get this, guys. Earlier this week, we found out that Gary Shirley promised Amber Portwood that they would get back together after her release from jail. Then after she returned home, it turned out that Gary had a new lady the entire time. And the latest? Looks like Kristina Anderson, Gary's girlfriend, is pregnant.

That's right. And it looks like Gary may have even confirmed that he has a second baby on the way just last month:


WHAT?! Leah is getting a sibling?! This is too much news to handle.

But honestly, this is actually a pretty great thing. Think about it. Leah is already 5 years old and Gary is more than ready to welcome baby number two. And here's why:

  1. He's already made one cute baby. Seriously. Leah is one adorable little girl. Who would have thought that Gary could make such a sweet baby? Definitely didn't expect it here, but the second one has some pretty great odds in its favor.
  2. He's used to screaming. Yeah, sure, Amber has yelled and yelled at the poor guy, so he's pretty accustomed to some screaming. The baby screeches probably won't ruffle him one bit, which is a wonderful thing.
  3. He's a pro at handling awkward situations/may be a saint. Sure, it's all for Leah, but if Gary can handle spending an afternoon with Amber and his daughter at "Disney on Ice," he can most certainly handle two baby mamas.
  4. He knows how to do hair. If it's a girl, Gary is in luck. Dude hows how to do a messy pony bun. Not every dad can say that. So consider that skill in the "plus" column.
  5. He'll be on the next season of Teen Mom. Gary's been a regular on the original series, as well as on 16 and Pregnant, but he'll also be getting plenty of screen time once TM returns to MTV later this year. And that means we might be able to see this drama unfold right on our screens. Which, really, is the best part of everything.

Do you think Gary should have another baby?


Image via Gary Shirley/Twitter

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