'Watch What Happens Live' Recap: Joe Giudice's Drinking Problem Sounds Serious

joe and teresa giudice

The second half of Andy Cohen's "Come to Jesus, Giudices" special was on tonight and things got (giu)dicey! At one point I was fairly certain that Joe Giudice was going to either kill Andy or dissolve into some Stanley Kowalski-type tears. I was mesmerized about the tanning situation on Teresa's legs, and I was surprised to hear how vehemently opposed both she and her hubs were to her own brother getting involved with her kids while she was in the clink.

But the real bombshell tonight was the topic of Joe's drinking -- which I think he totally downplayed! I mean, yes, look, I love wine. Like Joe, I too could describe drinking "just one bottle" as being a lot like drinking a warm glass of milk. That noise makes me mad drowsy. But the waaaaay too casual way Joe admitted to knocking back up to four bottles of wine a night was mad intense! He shrugged it off. He was all "Evs" about an amount of wine that would make even Kathie Lee and Hoda go, "Oh damn." 


Clearly if you're drinking the weight of one of your children in wine each night, there's an issue. Joe tried to downplay it, and so did Teresa, but he also wasn't shy about saying that he's getting help for his problem. I don't know if that's just good PR, but I hope it's true. This family has enough to worry about without having to address an in-denial alcoholic's problems in between jail spates. 

Both Joe and Teresa seemed more open with Andy than they ever had before, not just about the drinking, but also about how hard it was to lose Joe's dad, too. That said, they are still fairly adamant that being on the show caused a fair amount of the problems they are experiencing currently. That's pretty bogus, dude. I mean, I understand that being a reality star would tweak your life, but to blame it for your drinking and the crimes you committed? That's a little weak. 

What do you think Joe should do about his drinking, if anything?


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