Amber Portwood's Baby Daddy Gary Shirley Is Going to Be a Father Again

Amber Portwood daughter

OMG OMG OMG! Amber Portwood did not reveal this news on the Teen Mom "Ask the Moms" special earlier this week, but apparently Gary Shirley's girlfriend Kristina Anderson is pregnant!

According to RadarOnline, Amber learned that Gary was going to be a father again about a month ago, so it sounds like she was not aware of Kristina's condition when the show was taped in NYC.

But if she did know about the baby, she did a pretty good job of holding back her emotions in front of the cameras.


Supposedly she was pretty upset by the announcement, which shouldn't come as a surprise, considering she admitted that she will always love Gary despite everything that happened between them.

In addition to her lingering feelings for him, this will also have a huge impact on her daughter Leah's life. We can only imagine the various thoughts that are running through Amber's head about Leah getting a sibling.

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While I'm sure she's thought about the possibility before, odds are good that she assumed she would be the one welcoming a little brother or sister for Leah. It has to be tough to see her baby daddy start a family with another woman.

Still, considering just how far Amber has come since her release from prison, I'm sure she'll be able to find it in her heart to be happy for Gary and will help prepare Leah for how things are going to change once the new baby arrives. She certainly seems like she wants to keep all things in her life heading in a positive direction, so I'm sure Amber has exactly no room for hard feelings or drama as far as Gary is concerned.

Are you surprised that Gary is going to be a dad again?


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