12 Clowns That Define the Word 'Creepy'

Ericka Sóuter | Oct 9, 2014 TV
12 Clowns That Define the Word 'Creepy'

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What is it about clowns? Theoretically, they are supposed to liven up birthday parties, circus performances, and carnivals. But instead of bringing us joy, more often than not, those sinister grins inspire body-shivering fear. Basically, they totally freak us out. The latest entry into the scary clown hall of fame? The over-the-top, painted face menaces lurking around season 4 of American Horror Story.

Take a look at the 12 freakiest offenders.

How do you feel about clowns?

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  • 'Poltergeist' Clown


    Image via YouTube

    This thing gave movie-goers nightmares for months. The way it attacks that little boy is beyond frightening.

  • 'Killjoy'


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    There is not a more appropriate title for a film about a homicidal clown whose evil minions include Batty Boop, Punchy, and Freakshow.

  • The Joker


    Image via Tonya Wise/London Ent / Splash

    There is NOTHING funny about this guy. With that paint-by-the-numbers face, he may be the most menacing-looking villain of all time.

  • 'Mr. Jingles'


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    According to the movie jacket, "he has an axe to grind" after being convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

  • Bozo the Clown


    Image via SPW/Splash News

    We know that Bozo is supposed to be a lovable clown. However, when David Arquette dressed up as the icon for a night on the town, the last thing it inspired were smiles.

  • '100 Tears'


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    Yea, there will be tears for those 92 minutes you'll never get back after watching this bloody and ridiculous carnival caper.

  • 'IT'


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    Of course Stephen King, the master of horror, would craft this novel-turned-freakastic film. If you don't hate clowns now, you will after seeing the nightmarish It snuff out characters one by one. 

  • 'Killer Clowns From Outer Space'


    Image via Amazon

    So this is what happens when a horde of evil, alien clowns come down in a spaceship circus tent to annihilate unsuspecting humans. You'll never want to see a red nose again!

  • 'American Horror Story: Freakshow'


    Image via FXnetworks

    What in the world is wrong with Ryan Murphy? How can the same guy who brought us the whimsical, lighthearted Glee now gift the world with the scariest, most homicidal clan of clowns to ever hit the small screen.

  • Red Carpet Clown


    Image via Jen Lowery / Splash News

    This guy is a member of the Grammy-winning heavy metal band Slipknot. Apparently, this is one of his many bizarre, face-masking get-ups. If he wanted to get noticed (and creep out a bunch of people) at the Grammys -- mission accomplished.

  • John Wayne Gacy


    Image via Amazon

    He is the most terrifying of all. The reason? He's a real-life serial killer who worked as a party-clown in his spare time.

  • Take Your Clown to Work Day


    Image via Cindy Ord/Getty

    The "Staten Island Clown" paid a visit to the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show. If I spotted this dude on my floor, I would make a swift exit.


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