Corey Simms Admits Truth About Gaining Custody of Leah Calvert's Girls (VIDEO)

Leah CalvertWe've been watching the ongoing custody drama between Leah Calvert and her ex-husband Corey Simms with rapt attention this season on Teen Mom 2. Leah has always had primary custody of their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, but Corey has been wanting to assert more of his parental rights recently.

A few weeks ago, Leah was devastated with the news that Corey filed a petition with his lawyer to become their daughters' primary parent. It looked like he wanted full custody, and Leah would only get weekend visits, if he got his way. In this new sneak peek of the reunion show, however, it looks like Corey doesn't know what he wants when it comes to custody of their twins.


In the clip, Dr. Drew attempts to get to the bottom of what Corey mans when he says he wants to be the primary parent to Ali and Aleeah. It turns out that Corey might be slightly confused as to wording when it comes co-parenting legalize.

Corey doesn't want to be the full-time parent -- he just wants to go to a more balanced, 50-50 schedule. He even mentions the possibility of going week on/week off, i.e., the girls would be with one parent for a week, then the other, and back and forth.

He told Dr. Drew, "I really don't even mean, like full custody. I'm just saying either 50-50, more joint custody ... give me a little bit more. I'm not asking for it all."

Well that's a little bit different than what we all thought he was asking for! No one was more shocked by this revelation than Leah, who said, "That's not how I understood it. The only thing I got was that he wanted full custody with me only having the girls Friday through Sunday."

Dr. Drew then asks Leah how she would feel if she lost custody of her daughters, and lady gets a little emotional about it. "As a mom, you're just a caretaker ... I'm a stay at home mom," she says. "That's all I know." Break our hearts already!

Take a look at the clip and see if you think these two are any closer to seeing eye-to-eye on this whole custody battle. 

Do you think Corey really knows what he wants when it comes to custody? Is 50-50 custody in Ali and Aleeah's best interest?


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