Jenelle Evans Accused of Giving Baby Kaiser a Black Eye (PHOTO)

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What the WHAT? She's been slammed for making parenting mistakes in the past, some of which are (sort of) justified and some that are not, but would you believe that now some folks are claiming that Jenelle Evans gave baby Kaiser a black eye, after a photo of the "evidence" surfaced on Facebook?

Yep. Apparently Nathan Griffith's mom, Doris, posted a picture of Kaiser to her Facebook page, and according to people who allegedly saw it, it appears as though the poor baby has one heck of a shiner.


Of course, Jenelle is denying that any harm whatsoever was done to her son. She shared what is presumably the photo in question to prove her haters wrong.

(Do you see a black eye? I sure don't.)

But while there are plenty of Twitter users coming to Jenelle's defense, either because they believe the photo of Kaiser merely shows a shadow on his face, or they don't believe Jenelle would harm her child, there are those who insist the little guy looks as though something horrible did happen to him, and claim the photo Jenelle shared is not the one people are freaking out over.

OMG. I'm sorry, I know Jenelle hasn't always been a model parent, but come on, people! Do you really think she would either a.) hurt Kaiser, b.) not be fazed by someone else hurting Kaiser, and/or c.) allow a photo of him to be shared on Facebook if he really had a black eye?!?

Say what you will about Jenelle's rocky past, it's obvious that she's head over heels in love with that baby, and she's doing everything in her power to prove once and for all that she's cleaned up her life and wants to be a good mother.

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Can't we give her the benefit of the doubt already? From all of the pictures she's shared of Kaiser, he looks happy, healthy, and well taken care of, so why do people feel the need to assume the worst all the time?

Seriously, it's getting to the point where I actually feel sorry for Jenelle. I can't even imagine how she must feel having people make such crazy accusations against her. It's unfair, unwarranted, and frankly, just plain cruel. (Enough is enough, people!)

Do you honestly believe Jenelle would hurt Kaiser?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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