'Below Deck' Recap: Captain Lee Has Clearly Lost His Mind

Kelley Johnson Two thumbs down for Captain Lee! Look, I get that he's got a tough job, driving that shiny boat around surreal blue waters and catering to the whims of his high maintenance charter guests while balancing his overly hormonal crew, but there's no excuse for the way he went after Kelley Johnson this week. Admittedly, I could be biased because I happen to be so into Kelley's abs that I would write them a full on sonnet, y'all. POETRY. 

Here's what went down. It was Kelley's birthday. He celebrated. He pole danced. His shirt was off (his abs, gloriously exposed), he drank to excess, he motor-boated his boss, and fell asleep in the arms of his one true love, fellow deckhand Jennice (sidebar: my fav thing about writing about Jennice's name is how all spell-checks everywhere are just straight up like, naw son, that is not a word). 


The day after his birthday party, Kelley was rooooough. He'd hurled, he was aching, he'd banged up his elbow, and, yes, his (presumably excellent) ass was dragging when it came to pulling his weight around the boat. But that's no excuse for Captain Lee to go all Full Metal Jacket on him! Was it professional of Kelley to be slow on the job because he'd gotten wasted the night before? No. But listen, Captain Lee was more decent to Andrew, the lying, terrible, deckhand he would eventually fire, than he was to Kelley who has been nothing but a loyal, hardworking member of the team. 

It was gross. You could kind of feel Captain Lee getting off on harassing the former marine which made it even more gross. I don't think Kelley was too pissed off though. At the end of the day he made close to $2K on one charter AND Jennice (she of the impossible name) admit that she had feelings for him. All in all, despite his boss's irrational attitude, it was pretty much a banner couple of days for Kelley.

Why do you think Captain Lee was treating Kelley that way?


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