'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jim Bob Laughs While His Kids Are in 'Cuffs

the duggars Tonight on '19 Kids and Counting', Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar celebrated 30 years of marriage. That's a pretty huge milestone, so it's not surprising that they had something special in mind when it came to how they wanted to celebrate. While the Duggars are a not-so-traditional lot in some respects, I wasn't prepared for the strange turn their engagement celebration would take. That said, the fact that said celebration involved going a triple date with two of their daughters should have been an indication.

Jim Bob and Michelle take a proactive interest (and involvement) in their kids' love lives. While this would have driven my surly teenage self nuts, their kids to seem to take it all in stride. Me? I can't say I would've laughed off what Jim Bob had cooked up. Although I am fairly certain being handcuffed to my boyfriend by a police officer while my parents looked on would have probably made me pass out with shame. 


Thankfully, his youngsters ('youngsters', what am I, 80?) took this all in stride and appreciated what Jim Bob and Michele were trying to do: Teach both of the couples the value of communication and partnership. I've got to say, I don't know how much running around a playground or making sandwiches while chained to your partner will teach you about marriage, but I do think that spending a day listening to Jim Bob and Michelle talk about their own experiences would be intensely valuable to any couple about to take the plunge.

That said, don't Michelle and Jim Bob deserve a little time all to themselves to celebrate their 30 years of bliss. I'm sure they'd say that spending time with their family is a blessing enough and yeah, I'd believe it, but all the same I can quite repress my impulse to try and get them to run away to like, Niagara Falls for the weekend or something. 

Do you think Michelle and Jim Bob deserve some alone time?


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