'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Alfonso Ribeiro Does 'The Carlton' but It's Bittersweet

Alfonso Ribeiro Witney Carson

Gah. Who else will admit to crying like a baby more than once during tonight's episode of Dancing With the Stars? Good grief. Each season, the night where contestants pay tribute to the most important year in their lives is always emotional, and tonight was clearly no exception.

Hearing that Jonathan Bennett lost both of his parents was just devastating. And then we relived Dale Earnhardt's tragic death all over again through Michael Waltrip's story.

Then Lea Thompson danced that perfect contemporary routine to honor her father and OMG I'm not ashamed to say I did the ugly cry and still can't stop thinking about her performance.


But after all of the tears, there had to be a little bit of fun thrown into the mix this evening.

How great was Sadie Robertson's duck-themed routine? I wasn't sure if it was going to go down so well with the judges, but they were obviously into it.

And can I get a big hell yeah for Alfonso Ribeiro doing "The Carlton?!?"

From the moment we learned he was part of the Season 19 cast, we've been wondering whether he'd bring back his signature Fresh Prince of Bel Air move, and tonight, he totally delivered. But OMG, can you believe he basically credited Carlton with ruining his career? (Who knew?)

Despite giving Carlton a bad rap, something tells me this is only the beginning of Alfonso's journey on DWTS (not to mention the bevy of opportunities that will definitely be coming his way), though the road had to end for someone tonight.

And sadly, we officially said goodbye to Betsey Johnson, which definitely seems a little too early. She was such an inspiration and a joy to watch, so she will be missed for sure.

Who do you think gave the most emotional performance tonight?


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