'Ask the Moms' Special: Amber Portwood & Jenelle Evans Settle Their Nasty Feud

amber portwood and jenelle evans ask the momsIt's a Teen Mom miracle: all the ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have been reunited together for the very first time. Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout sat down with Jenelle Evans, Leah Calvert, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry to chat all about their kids, their love lives, and of course, their feuds.

And just minutes into their conversation, Amber and Jenelle confronted their awkward conflict. It all started when Amber expressed some majorly harsh words for Jace and Kaiser's mama, saying that she fears for Jenelle's "rock bottom."


But in a major turn of events, Jenelle handled it all like a champ. After getting out of prison, Amber said that she didn't "want to see someone who is in the same sort of situation, go there." And even Jenelle admitted that the ladies are in the same boat and that the entire situation blew up out of proportion.

Luckily it all ended well. "I'll follow you on Twitter now," said Amber.

Happy Teen Mom ending.

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Then, gears switched to the one person who was missing: Farrah Abraham. And why was she not there? "Farrah made some choices that didn't really match what she show was about," said Maci. "If one of us is not making decisions that go with our message, then it takes away from what we're trying to do in the first place. It wasn't our choice to not have her one the show with us, but we wish her the best."

Diplomatic and final. Did you hear that? Farrah is not coming back.

Then, the ladies got to ask one another questions and here's what we got:

  • Leah asked Catelynn is Carly will be resentful because of her adoption, to which Catelynn promptly responded: "I don't think so because it's such an open adoption. She's going to understand where I was at the time when I was pregnant with her. It's totally different. I think every adopted child wonders why, but if you explain it, they will understand."
  • Maci asked about Chelsea's dating life, and listen to this: Chelsea would have much better luck if she moved out of South Dakota. But, girl can't decide what kind of man she wants, so the search continues. And as for Adam? They are never, ever, ever getting back together. Hear that guys? Not happening.

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  • Amber's craziest jail experience (to which Jenelle inquired) is not fit for print: "It was pure hell. Not only from the inmates, but from the [correctional officers]." They couldn't comprehend why I [chose prison over rehab]. Sometimes you have to do crazy things to get your life straight."
  • So remember Keiffer, then Courtland, and now Nathan? Well, Jenelle revealed that she has only been single for two months. Two. Months.
  • Gary lied to Amber and made her believe that they would get together once she got out of jail. Spoiler alert: he had another lady the whole time.
  • And Maci and Ryan? Also not happening. "We're not going to get back together and he's an idiot." There you go.
  • Catelynn and Tyler's relationship advice: "We have an open communication," says Tyler, the only teen dad who was invited to the special. And it's advice we should all hear. The couple has been together since they were 13 and just celebrated their nine year anniversary. And Carly helped to make them stronger. "Placing Carly for adoption gave me and Catelynn time to grow up and to focus on ourselves and just enjoy each other," said Tyler.

And most of all, it's time to get excited for the original Teen Mom ladies to get back on our screens. Especially since it's a brand new experience for Amber, who admitted that it'll be the first time she's sober while filming: "I haven't done this in years, and I never did this sober either."

We can't wait to see it happen.

What was your favorite part of the reunion special?


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