'Are You the One' Recap: There Are Blood, Hookups, Tears & It's Only Night One

are you the one season 2 cast

It's back! After wondering if anything could possibly top the first season of Are You the One? MTV goes ahead and does just that. And it's only the first episode. The dating experiment once again pairs 20 singles from around the country whose single mission is to find their perfect match. Ten tries and ten matches later, they win one million dollars. But, of course, there's a catch.

Unlike last season, host Ryan Devlin decided to throw a little wrench in the plan. This time around, there is one extra girl. That's because, according to the famed and tested MTV matchmaking algorithm, one of the male cast members has two perfect matches. Now it's up to the housemates to figure out the rest.


Christina, the bonus lady, immediately sets out on a mission to find her perfect guy. And get this: she and Brandon have the same Chinese symbol tattoo. If that doesn't a perfect match make, there's no hope for any of us.

Then again, we had Jessica and Anthony, who seemed to hit it off right from the start. Enough so, in fact, that they hooked up on night one.

But while we barely had any time to register the new "couple," there was one scary accident. John, who was casually climbing over a bed, accidentally kicked Brianna in the nose ... fracturing it.


Sadly, since Brianna had to leave the house and spend the night in the hospital, she wasn't able to participate in the inaugural challenge. All 20 competitors paired off and each couple was tasked with a simple mission: melt a block of ice, retrieve the frozen key, and unlock the box. First three to do so would go on a romantic getaway afternoon.

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Layton and Alex, Brandon and Jessica, and Pratt and Paris walked away with the prize and enjoyed the private date. But not before Paris and Pratt attempted to outsmart the system. Thinking that they're each other's perfect matches, they didn't want to be put in the Truth Booth and be taken away to the Honeymoon Suite. So they invented a genius plan to get the rest of the house to vote for one of the other two winning couples to face their fate.

And shockingly, it worked.

Brandon and Jessica met at the Truth Booth and were deemed not a match, much to Brandon's delight.

Later, when the house faced the match-up ceremony, it was time for the guys to choose their "perfect" women. The couples included: Layton & Jenny, Dario & Ashley, Pratt & Paris, Curtis & Brianna, John & Jasmine, Brandon & Christina, Garland & Alex, Anthony & Jessica, Nathan & Shelby, Alex & Ellie, and poor Tyler was left without a guy.

But not to fear. The cast only found two perfect matches this time. As for who they are, that's completely TBD.

What did you think of the first episode? Do you like Pratt and Paris together?


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