Leah Calvert Comes Clean on Custody Rumors About Her Girls


Leah Calvert and daughters

Since episodes of Teen Mom 2 air months after they're actually filmed, it's impossible to know exactly what is going on with the cast members outside of what we see on TV. And amid rumors that Leah Calvert has lost custody of her twins, we've all been wondering if her worst nightmare really did come true as far as surrendering the girls over to Corey Simms full-time goes.

Even though season 5B of the show is over, it looks like we finally have some insight as to where things currently stand with Ali and Aleeah's living situation.


Leah denied that she lost custody by posting this update to Facebook, which pretty much says it all.

I don't know who nor do I care who went to a magazine and started rumors but I DID NOT LOSE CUSTODY OF ALI AND ALEEAH. The custody agreement remains the same as it always has.

OMG. What a relief! I mean, most of us kind of figured there was no way a judge would ever take the girls away from Leah, but there was still the off-chance that somehow Corey could wind up having them all to himself.

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And while this might not be the last time that Leah and Corey run into disagreements about who should have access to the kids, let's hope that they are finally back on the same page with co-parenting, at least for the time being. It was such a shame to watch their amicable relationship crumble this season, and it's just so much easier on all parties involved if they can keep things civil and respectful.

But as hard as it is for Leah to be a victim of so many crazy rumors lately, it really is so wonderful to hear that they aren't true, and that Ali and Aleeah are still in her care. Hopefully from here on out, everything in Leah's life will be headed in a much more positive direction!

Are you relieved that Leah still has custody of her girls?


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