Juan Pablo Basically Admits Breakup With Nikki Ferrell Is Imminent

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

Say what you will about this Bachelor, but it looks like the man does have his priorities in order (even if it makes him look like a better father than boyfriend). Juan Pablo Galavis won't be moving away from his daughter anytime soon in order to rescue his relationship with Nikki Ferrell

While many fans are trying to point blame at Nikki, the Venezuelan hunk is insisting that she's not the one putting pressure on him to make the big move in order to be closer to her.


Just last week, a Twitter fan urged Juan Pablo to stay put in Miami in order to stay close to his adorable 5-year-old daughter, Camila, whom he shares custody with his ex-baby mama, Carla Rodriguez. The fan wrote:

When another follower asked if Nikki has been putting any pressure on him to choose between Camila or her, Juan Pablo denied it, insisting that she's never asked him to do that.

Either way, the distance is not going to work out for either of these two. They can Skype, snapchat, and text all they want, but if they were serious about each other, someone would have packed their bags and relocated already.

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And while I hate to say that Nikki should be the one to do so, SHE SHOULD. It would be totally unfair to Camila if her dad moved away from her, especially at her tender age. Little girls need their daddies by their side, and no matter what Juan Pablo's track record is with women, Camila deserves to have him around. If Nikki doesn't realize this, then it's best to put the final nail in the coffin and move on. Maybe the two of them will wind up surprising us, but we probably shouldn't be the least bit surprised if a breakup is announced any day now.

Do you think Nikki should move to Miami to make her relationship work with Juan Pablo?


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