Leah Calvert Baby Rumors Totally Came Out of Nowhere

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Man. In the midst of all of the custody drama that's been going on with her ex, Corey Simms, it's not like she needs anything else in her life stressing her out.

But amid rumors that Leah Calvert had another baby and somehow managed to keep it a secret from all of her fans, I'm sure she wishes she could crawl into a hole and hide right about now.

Yes, you read that right. After a photo of Leah's "new baby" popped up on Instagram, some folks actually believed that she successfully concealed her pregnancy and then suddenly had a change of heart and decided to announce that she had another daughter to the world.


Duh, of course the post came from another account, where someone is posing as Leah. While adorable, the baby pictured in this shot most definitely is not her child.


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Not surprisingly, poor Leah was forced to defend herself against her imposter on Twitter and shared this message with her followers.

Ugh. Um, can you believe someone went so far as to try and convince people that Leah and Jeremy had welcomed another baby?

This is the ultimate violation of her privacy, considering this person is messing with her life by pretending to be her and involving her kids (or fake kid) to boot!

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Sigh. Poor Leah. She just can't seem to catch a break these days. Hopefully things will take a turn and start looking up for her soon, especially when it comes to maintaining custody of her twins. And as far as another baby is concerned? I'm sure she won't be the least bit shy about admitting she's pregnant again if and when the time comes along.

Until then, let's just hope this is the last time anyone goes this far to invade her private life. There's only so much drama a person can take, and she's certainly had more than her fair share of it.

What words of encouragement would you send to Leah?


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