'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Amber Marchese Is a Faker

amber marchese

Not long after Sunday night's episode of RHONJ started, Hurricane Jim Marchese left the building. Or, more apropos, he was kicked out of the building via Dina Manzo. When the episode started, we were right where we left off -- with Jim spewing his venom on everyone in the Florida vacation house minutes after he walked in. But shortly after we saw Jim going crazy, we saw Amber having a meltdown, because, well, her husband is a complete douche. 


I actually felt bad for Amber, because she really seemed genuinely upset at what was happening; she seemed like she was so, so disappointed in her husband for cruelly lashing out at everyone. But then something weird happened. When the cameras followed Amber and Jim to their room, they more or less seemed fine. Like nothing completely insane had just transpired. They were still bickering back and forth a little bit with one another, but they were doing it with a playful smirk. Jim was even rubbing her feet! I mean, Amber obviously can't stay mad at her husband forever, but was the over-the-top anger just an act? If that were my husband, I can't imagine being cool with him moments later. And then the next morning, it was as if nothing happened at all!

By no stretch of the imagination am I a fan of Jim's. He's, in two words, the worst. But I was on the fence still about Amber -- especially after last week's episode, where she seemed to be completely cognizant (and pissed) of the fact that her husband can get totally out of line. But Sunday's tonight's episode, I kind of think a lot of her shtick is just an act. She made such a big deal about being angry with Jim in front of everyone, but then when she's alone with him, she seemed okay with his behavior. Seems pretty disingenuous to me.

Do you think Amber's over-the-top anger at Jim was an act?


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