Mackenzie Douthit Makes Disgusting Confession About Her Husband Josh

Josh McKee, Mackenzie DouthitMackenzie Douthit has never been shy about oversharing when it comes to her marriage. No, I'm not talking about oversharing with her husband Josh McKee, I'm talking about oversharing with the world, about her marriage.

Like the fact that sleepy time is difficult for the Teen Mom 3 star. Apparently her husband and the father of her two children can saw some logs. Josh's snoring has been a source of complaint at least once. On Thursday, Mackenzie made a disgusting confession about Josh's sleeping habits that made us all want to say, "TMI!"


Mackenzie tweeted:

Do we really need to know about Josh's gas? At least we didn't get a rundown on bad it smelled. Sorry, I just gagged a little even thinking about it.

While this is totally something most of us ladies can totally relate to, or at least those of us who have cohabited with a man-creature, is it really something Mackenzie should be putting out there in the world? Don't we like to have a little discretion sometimes?

Does anyone really want to get into an argument about whose husband farts louder in their sleep? We've got Mackenzie comparing it to thunder, can I get a freight train comparison from anyone?

Do you think Josh gets embarrassed by Mackenzie's TMI posts about him?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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