Catherine Lowe's Baby Bump Photo Raises One Big Question

Sean and Catherine Lowe

Pretty much since the day they said "I do," everyone has been wondering when Sean Lowe and Catherine (Giudici) Lowe will start a family together. (You know, especially since they waited so long to finally do the deed.)

And that's why we couldn't help but get a little excited when a photo of Catherine sporting a baby bump turned up on her Instagram page, with a pretty interesting caption.

She wrote, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the sympathy belly."


And upon first seeing those words, I was all, "WHAT? OMG. Is she preggo for reals?"

But then of course, the photo speaks for itself, as it's nothing more than a fake baby bump.

Gah. Way to be a total buzz kill, Catherine.

The reason as to why she decided to put on a fake belly is unknown, and I hate to say it, but it's honestly a little bit annoying.

COME ON Catherine! We're all dying for you and Sean to bring another Bachelor baby into the world, so why do you feel the need to go and tease us like this?!?

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Yeah, yeah, I know she was simply having a little bit of fun, but she had to know that posting a pic like this would get people talking about when she and Sean are going to announce that they do indeed have a baby on the way.

Huh. Wait a second. Maybe that was the point? They've certainly faded out of the spotlight a little bit since their TV wedding. Maybe a fake baby bump was just the ticket to remind us what a fun, interesting couple they are? (Or something like that.)

Whatever. Let's just hope the next time Catherine is noticeably fuller around the middle, it's more than a clever joke.

When do you think Catherine will get pregnant?


Image via catherinegiudici/Instagram

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