Leah Calvert Slammed After 'Begging' Strangers for Money

Leah Calvert

Good GRIEF. How's that old saying go? "No good deed goes unpunished"? Unfortunately, poor Leah Calvert fell right into a trap with that exact concept, after asking her Twitter followers to help raise money for her uncle, who has cancer.

She simply posted a link to a gofundme account and pleaded with people to help, adding that her uncle is currently in hospice care, which must mean he's nearing the end of his battle.


Here's her tweet, which is pretty darn innocent, if you ask me.

But even though Leah obviously has nothing but the best of intentions, haters were quick to rip her to shreds and call her out for "begging" for money. They believe she has enough of her own to give and shouldn't be asking for funds from strangers.

Here are a couple of the more "colorful" tweets she received in response.

OMG. This poor woman! After all of the hate she's had to endure after people have watched her custody battle with Corey Simms unfold on Teen Mom 2, you'd think they could give her a break when it comes to a serious family matter.

And Leah is so upset and offended by the comments she's getting that she felt the need to defend herself on her Facebook page. Here's the statement she put out to try and clear the air and reassure fans that the money is going where it's supposed to.

Ugh. Don't people understand what compassion is?!? I don't care how much you don't like someone, it's just plain cruel to attack anyone when they're clearly concerned about the health of a family member.

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And honestly, so what if Leah happens to have more money than she lets on? We can't even begin to imagine the costs associated with her uncle's condition; plus, she has her own battles with Ali's medical bills, so it's impossible to know what her financial situation truly is.

I guess some people just can't resist kicking a person when she's down. But that brings us to another classic old saying. "Karma's a bitch, people"!

Do you think Leah was wrong to ask for money on Twitter?


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