Catelynn Lowell Faces Harsh Truth About How New Baby Will Affect Carly (VIDEO)


Catelynn Lowell

If you don't already have it marked on your calendar as a "must-watch" show, then you'll want to make a mental note to watch the MTV Teen Mom "Ask the Moms" special on Monday, October 6.

From the sneak peeks we've seen of the show so far, it looks like some of the subject matter will be pretty intense. In addition to seeing Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood confront each other about their past Twitter war, we'll also get to hear more about Catelynn Lowell's second pregnancy. Based on this preview clip, she's forced to answer a pretty tough question.


Watch how she reacts when Leah Calvert asks her if she thinks Carly will resent her for raising her new baby after giving her up for adoption.

OMG. How bad do you feel for her after watching that? It's almost like Leah totally caught her off guard. (And Leah has SERIOUS balls to go there.)

At first, she seemed to have the perfect answer, but then toward the end of what she had to say, she appeared to be second guessing herself and wondering whether Carly may wind up having a hard time with things down the road.

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While I'm sure she and Tyler will be very open and honest with Carly about the point in their lives they were at when they had her versus this new baby, it will be totally understandable if she has a hard time comprehending the situation at first.

But considering how level-headed both Catelynn and Tyler are, I'm sure they'll keep the lines of communication open with Carly and their new daughter as they grow up to ensure that all of their questions and concerns are addressed. They really do show such an incredible level of maturity despite their young age, so if anyone can handle explaining things to Carly in the right way, it's them for sure.

Do you think Catelynn should be worried about Carly resenting her?


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