Tori Spelling Drops Pregnancy Bombshell That Leaves Us Stunned (VIDEO)

You have to hand it to Tori Spelling -- she sure knows how to milk drama! Perhaps we thought we'd heard the last of her teeth-grating marriage to cheating Dean McDermott, but noooooo ... those two are still torturing each other (and us). The second season of True Tori premieres October 21 and there's going to be even more crying, more arguments, more accusations ... and, oh yeah, one more thing. Possibly more children!


The clip for the show shows Tori and Dean up to their usual shenannies: Dean looking put-upon and asking why Tori is in the relationship; Tori yelling at him; Tori obsessing about Dean's one-night stand.

At one point, Tori says, "I decided I wanted to see a picture of the woman my husband cheated on me with," and appears to be taking a photo out of an envelope. So does this mean they found an actress to play the role of Emily Goodhand?

Then Tori drops a HUGE bombshell ... she says she may be pregnant!

Ermkay, this is where I have to call b and s. The pair already have four kids they can barely support, either financially or emotionally. As stupid as this couple is, I just can't see them having another kid right now.

And if they did, well, Tori, you are officially the dumbest woman on the planet. Seriously!!!! WTF????

Check it out:


Gives you the heebie-jeebies, doesn't it?

Tori, there is NO excuse for getting preggo AGAIN. For one, every time you get pregnant, you blame Dean and say he talked you into it. For two, oh, jeez, do I really need to explain? Your marriage SUCKS. End. Of.

I assume this is all Tori being dramatic for the cameras. If not, then the two of them deserve each other. But the baby doesn't deserve them!

Sheesh, what will happen next? Oh wait, I got it. Emily Goodhand will show up ... with Dean's baby! Actually, it will be twins. And one is eeeevillll ...

Do you think she's really pregnant?


Image via Lifetime

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